Rustica Kalamazoo Restaurant

Rustica Firsts Menu

Sun-Gold Tomato Gazpacho
watermelon, crouton, almond $7

Salad Rustica
bibb lettuce, olive tapenade, herb vinaigrette, chèvre crostini $8

Grilled Romaine Salad
amish cheddar, garlic croutons, white anchovies, caesar dressing $8

Greek Salad
romaine, cucumber, olive, tomato, barrel-aged feta $9

Heirloom Tomato Salad
basil, chèvre, mustard seed, balsamic $10

Grilled Summer Beans
candied walnut, fried shallot, cilantro vinaigrette, parmigiano reggiano $10

Charcuterie Board
assorted artisan cured meats served with grilled bread and condiments $14

Artisan Cheese Board
house jam, local honey, spiced nuts, grilled bread $14

Prince Edward Island Mussels
white wine, garlic, chili flakes, grilled baguette $14

Sautéed Bay Scallops
lemon-parsley risotto and brown butter $12

Roasted Bone Marrow
olive tapenade, house jam, grilled bread $13

Smoked Couscous
watermelon, cucumber, tomato, herb vinaigrette $10


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Support your local farmers & businesses...we do!

Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery, Carlson-Arbogast Farm, MacKenzies Bakery, Otto’s Poultry, Water St. Coffee Joint, Green Gardens Farm, Al Lombard Apiary, Palazzolo’s Gelato and Kalamazoo People’s Food Co-Op.

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